A Typical Day

7.30am Sunrise Session

Early risers can enjoy and optional meditation session as the sun rises and set the intention for the day.  Those that prefer to sleep are welcome to stay in bed.

8.15am Morning Hike or Run

Enjoy the calm and coolness of the morning with a guided group run or invigorating hike.

9.15am Breakfast Time

Enjoy a healthy scrumptious breakfast to fuel up for the day ahead.

10am Training Session

It is workout time, your first session might be circuits, abs, boxercise or 3D training.

12pm Lunch and Relax Break

Take a break, enjoy a healthy lunch and chill round the pool or hang out on your balcony.

2pm Get Motivated

It’s time to get active again, this time we are interval training, get ready to sweat those pounds away in a fun class.

3.30pm Burn Baby Burn

We know your tired by now, this is your last big session of the day.  Just think about all those calories burned and the inches you are losing.  Your last session is likely to be a games session, get back to those school days where running around used to be fun

5pm Stretch It Out

Relax tired muscles with some yoga and stretching to unwind from the day.

7.30pm Refuel and Relax

Enjoy a well deserved dinner, and find time to read, have a massage, go to bed early or just relax in the lounge.